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This weekend was good. Everyone was camping. It was great! I had some ups and downs but I feel like I did well. I had to take a nap Saturday afternoon and then Saturday evening I had to rest and stay in the camper while everyone was eating dinner outside. I was very fatigued and really super nauseous. I had to take a Zofran. The rest of the weekend was better. I'm hoping for more better days going forward!

Today we stopped to visit with my Aunt Kathleen & Uncle Paul and my sister Elizabeth on our way home from the camper. It was a great visit. We laughed a lot as usual.

The Each 💔 beat matters calendar raffle continues. David has been drawing prizes each day. I tried to upload the videos to my blog but the website won't let me so I will list the names instead...

Sept 7. Terry Stenta. $25 Visa card

Sept 8. Gary Forte. $50 TJMAXX card

Sept 9. Hank Niemiec. $100 Visa card

Sept 10. Lesley Vila. $50 Amazon card

Congratulations to all the winners so far and Thank you all for your support!

Each 💔 Beat Matters


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Sheila Kelly
Sheila Kelly
Sep 11, 2023

Glad you are doing okay here and there and able to get out and about … being nauseous is not fun … and tired! But you have a lot more to give KellyAnn … hang in there! Love you! ❤️

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