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Sunday not so fun day…

Yesterday was such a great day but today I'm not feeling well. The medication side effects are not so tolerable today. I'm nauseous, weak, unsteady and very fatigued. I napped on and off all morning. It's an understatement to say that I have good days and bad days while my special new heart gets used to its environment. I am grateful for the good days but I also understand that I need to power through the bad days, staying strong but resting when I need to.

I'm also having an issue with one of my incisions from my surgery. There seems to be a suture popping out of the incision on my right chest. It looks a little angry and it is causing me some localized pain in that area. I have been cleaning it twice a day and keeping it covered with a dressing. I contacted the heart transplant team and sent them a picture of the incision. They reassured me that they will assess it on Tuesday when I have my clinic appointment and they have already contacted the surgeon so if needed I can be seen by him that day as well. I am so fortunate to have a great team that is very knowledgeable and extremely responsive. I never feel like I'm being brushed off. I feel heard and taken care of. Soooo thankful for my team of heart transplant professionals!!

Hoping everyone has a Sunday Funday!

Each 💔beat matters


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I am glad at least you had a good day yesterday. Just take it easy for the next two days and get rested for your trip to Boston. Just take baby steps, you will get there. Your body has gone through a lot it will take time. You are so lucky to have a medical staff that cares and is right there for you. Be glad your not in Floria, the worst, uncaring medical doctors and staff. Here your just a number. Good bless❤️


Sheila Kelly
Sheila Kelly
09 jul. 2023

Sorry you’re not having such a good day! Hope you feel better soon, Kelly … ❤️❤️

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