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I'm not feeling so great these days . My symptoms are more pronounced and on Monday I was repositioning myself and I felt an excruciating sharp pain in my left side rib area. It has been hurting ever since. If I move, hiccup, sneeze or take a deep breath it's like I'm being stabbed in that area. I've been taking Tylenol and using lidocaine patches to help with the discomfort. Two steps forward one step back.

Tuesday I had a phone visit with my PCP. She is going to continue my trazadone medication (helps me sleep) and my Ativan (for my anxiety). This is wonderful because both medications have been extremely helpful during this process.

Wednesday we went to Boston for a clinic visit with the heart transplant team. We discussed the side effects from my medication including the new symptoms I've been experiencing- the pins and needles in my fingers and toes. They have reassured me that this sensation is most likely due to the medications and nothing to be concerned about. I informed them of the rib pain that has developed. They instructed me that I'm due for a Chest CT in mid November but they will order it to be done sooner to assess the rib pain. I'm hoping it is nothing and that my Chest CT results are negative but of course I am anxious about it which I feel is totally appropriate. The team is so incredibly encouraging, they keep reminding me that I'm doing great and it's still very early since my major surgery. This always helps me feel less discouraged with my progress. Last night I felt absolutely horrible. I was nauseous, achy, shaky, exhausted with rib pain. I was crying when I went to bed. Poor David didn't know what to do to help me. Just being here for me is enough ❤️

I woke up feeling a little better but not that much. The team contacted me this morning to inform me that my Tacrolimus level was at goal 10.1. The dosage will remain the same. Unfortunately, my magnesium and potassium levels are low so I will need to add an extra dose of magnesium and a new prescription for potassium was sent to my pharmacy. I will start it tomorrow. I had some visitors during the day my sister Elizabeth and my brother Sean. My mother came over and she brought her homemade chicken Parmesan. It's always so delicious. I'm so appreciative of my family and friends !

Here's to eating well

Each 💔 beat matters


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Well that Chicken Parmigiana looks delicious. At least you eat well. Maybe you slept wrong or you caught a cold at the camper. I pray it goes away soon. Did they tell you to use a heating pad. I use a heating pad for everything. Knees, back, stomach, shoulders, etc. I have lots of aches, that because I am older then dirt.

I pray that you start feeling better❤️


Elizabeth Curley
Elizabeth Curley
Oct 19, 2023

You told me your ribs hurt , but you didn’t tell me the full scope (as in last night ) 😳I’m grateful you have David and that he is your rock 🪨! It was so nice to have a day with my siblings I love you 💕 both so much

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