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Saturday Vibes

Today I'm pushing through. My symptoms are a little more tolerable and the headache that I've had for the past 3 days is gone which makes a big difference. I actually changed out of my pajamas and put clothes on. I went for a walk with David outside. My appetite is better. I'm actually hungry today. Bring it on! These are all good things. Unfortunately my tremors are more pronounced today and annoying the heck out of me. My goal is to take another walk this evening. Otherwise I'm resting and conserving my energy.

David is diligently working on building our deck. Bella and I are watching him from our recliner. It's coming along great!

Wishing everyone a tremendous day!

Each ❤️ Beat Matters


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6 Kommentare

Karen Demichele
Karen Demichele
19. Juni 2023

Praying your tenors get better when they lower your medication. I can barely notice the tremors. I am on Mycophenolate & Tacrolimus. I love you! ❤️🥰🌷

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Sheila Kelly
Sheila Kelly
17. Juni 2023

So sorry you have to go through that! I’m happy you went for a walk!! Hope you got the other one in before it rained. Can’t wait to see your deck. So many good things … ❤️

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Kelly just take it slow, you will improve each day as you go along. We are praying for you. Glad to hear David is building the deck, it will be so nice to sit out there.❤️

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Love 💖😘 you so much. So proud. of you as always.

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Oh my sweet girl, you have posted some great news and not so great news. I know it’s all part of the process but I hate hearing the bad stuff including those tremors. I want to thank you for keep us updated as well as you have while battling the things you deal with all day everyday. Thank you for thinking of us while all this is happening but then again, that’s you, thinking of others. I just adore and love you. ❤️

Gefällt mir
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