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Prescription for rest

I'm still not feeling well but I think I might feel a tiny bit better today. It's hard to tell. My lab results are back. My Tacrolimus level was 13.3 which is significantly higher than last week.

I spoke with Coral RN this morning and she informed me that my Tacrolimus dose will change to 2.5mg twice daily. I was explaining to her that I'm not feeling well these days. It started on Saturday. My symptoms are fatigue, headaches, nausea, increased tremors, some shortness of breath with activity, intermittent nasal congestion and intermittent scratchy throat. I'm afebrile. I'm not sure if some of the symptoms are because my Tacrolimus dose was increased last week or if it's something else. I did notice that my WBCs were 8.8 last week and bumped up to 10.9 this week. know it's not above normal but it is close. Coral suggested that I take a Covid test which I did and it is negative. I will keep an eye on things and if I continue to feel this way or I get worse I will let the team know. Dr. Coglianese and I had talked about episodes like this at my last visit and she had advised me to let her know if it lingers or gets worse. I will continue to rest in the meantime. I will have my echocardiogram on Monday in Boston and repeat lab work on Tuesday at Cooley Dickinson.

Each 💔 beat matters


Bella and I resting with this cozy blanket gifted to me by Ann Gabriele - thank you so much !

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I am so happy your both comfy with the blanket. I pray each day gets easier and better for you.❤️


Elizabeth Curley
Elizabeth Curley

Well I hope you do feel a little bit better !! And a LOT better real soon 😘

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