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One month ago…

One month ago I received a call from the United Network for Organ Sharing or UNOS informing me that I was officially on the list for a heart ❤️

I can tell you that I was both extremely excited and extremely terrified all at the same time. I was shaking and crying but I knew it was my only chance at life.

It is so surreal that I received the call 11 days later, had my surgery and I'm home recovering. What a miracle!!!

Organ donation is a beautiful gift!

I decided to start this blog to document and share my heart transplant journey as well as an avenue to update friends and family but I never imagined how many people it might reach and the awareness it would provide. I want to share a very touching email that I received. It honestly made me cry

If I can bring awareness to just one person at a time I'm doing something right.

I hope everyone has a heartfelt day

Each ❤️ Beat Matters


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Rita Contardo
Rita Contardo
Jun 10, 2023

It takes a selfless and courageous person to be vulnerable and share their life in this way. You can be certain that many people will benefit from learning about your experience.


Sheila Kelly
Sheila Kelly
Jun 09, 2023

You and your personal journey are definitely making a difference! This should be read by everyone possible! As we are all aware, six degrees of separation is all it takes to inform someone who will make a difference in another person’s life! You are a courageous, determined mother, wife, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, nurse, colleague … I’m so happy you decided to share this incredible journey with the world💕🍀 Love you, KellyAnn

Replying to

Kelly you are a strong person this journey will get better it just takes time. You got this one!


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