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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love the holidays, enjoying time with family and friends! I've been reflecting on the miracle that has allowed me the ability to spend another Christmas and New Year celebration with the ones that I love, near and far. I am so grateful to be alive even when I'm not feeling well. Having the ability to talk to all my children on the phone or FaceTime with them helps me feel better. My Christmas was so wonderful. I received some very heartfelt gifts that brought me to tears. I feel so loved. I'm the luckiest woman. I'm alive and surrounded by the the most amazing family.

These contemplations also remind me that there is a family out there hurting and missing someone very special to them this year during the holiday season. My thoughts and prayers are with them. I am reminded of them each day with each heart beat. This person is also very special to me and the reason that I'm here. My wish for them is that through their grief they can find comfort in knowing that their loved ones gift lives on in me this Christmas 🎄 I will protect and care for their loved ones heart. Thank you for this miraculous gift...

Each 💔Beat Matters


We couldn't all be together this year so we had to improvise the Christmas picture🎄

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Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. That is a clever idea putting the family picture togethe. ❤️


I don't know how you did that but that picture and your blog made me 😢😭 cry but very very happy ☺️ tears. Love 💞 you.


Beautiful post great family picture here’s to many more holidays with family and loved ones 💕


Karen Payne
Karen Payne
Dec 27, 2023

That's an awesome family photo 🥰❤

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