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It’s the little things

Well it's Saturday and I'm still not feeling great physically but I'm not getting worse which keeps me positive. I will continue to monitor my symptoms. Monday I have my echocardiogram in Boston. Maybe, the results will give us some answers or maybe this is just a tough week for me. I repeat my labs on Tuesday. I'm curious to see if my white blood cell count has changed and hopefully for the better.

David has been away for a wedding and I've been on my own but definitely not alone. I'm grateful to have so many supportive people in my life. Molly is home. My cousin Patti called to let me know that she is available if I need anything. My Aunt Kathleen offered to sleep over if I wanted her to. My cousin Jack and Sue stopped by Thursday evening on their way home from the Big E with a bucket of mini donuts, my favorite!!! Elizabeth stayed over Thursday night. Friday my mother came over to spend some time with me during the day. We watched a movie. Friday evening Patrick visited and today Elizabeth is coming to keep me company.

Thursday night was the Lobster Fest fundraiser sponsored by Skips outdoor accents. They were kind enough to choose me as the recipient. I was told that it was well attended. I was not able to attend because I'm not feeling well and I'm not supposed to be in large crowds as I am at a higher risk for infection due to being immunocompromised. Elizabeth sent me videos of the event and my brother Sean made a short speech expressing our gratitude. It's hard to describe what it feels like to have people want to help you. I've usually been on the other side of this. I've been the caregiver... as a mother, a daughter and especially a nurse for 30 years at our local hospital. It's so humbling and inspiring to have a wonderful support system in family, friends and community!

I appreciate you all!

Each 💔Beat Matters


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What Sheila said you get what you give and you having been giving for years as a dedicated nurse mother sister daughter granddaughter wife and friend now it’s your turn . Love 💕 prayers and patience say all the angels from on high and all

Of those around you ❤️auntie Kathleen

Me gusta

So glad your fund raiser was successful. I see Elizabeth and Molly in the video. I hope all goes well in Boston. We are praying for you 🙏🙏❤️

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Sheila Kelly
Sheila Kelly
30 sept 2023

You get what you give, Kelly! I will be calling to see how you’re doing … or texting … just got off the phone with Kathleen and we had that conversation about you! 💕 Love you … hope you feel better soon!

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