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The first week of the new year was a bust. It started January 1st and continued through the week. I started to feel a little better around Friday.

All my usual symptoms... fatigue, weakness, tremors, internal shakiness, body aches, headache, hot flashes , chills, nausea and upset stomach. I have a new consistent symptom of foot and ankle pain bilaterally. It hurts to walk and when I'm at rest my they burn. I've been experiencing it for a few weeks and I'm pretty much at my wits end with the discomfort. I'm not sure what is causing this although I suspect it is the new medication that I started about a month ago. I really don't have much to write about because I spent the week in my recliner. I didn't even go to Cardiac Rehab until Friday.

My poor sister had Covid last week. I was worried about her and felt awful that she was sick. She was more concerned that I was going to get it because we were together the night before and the morning of the day her symptoms started. Thankfully, I did not contract Covid!! I am indestructible! Unfortunately I did have to reschedule my cardiopulmonary stress test due to having direct contact with a Covid positive person. Honestly, I was fine with it because I felt so lousy and I probably wouldn't have done very well anyway. Today I went to Cooley Dickinson for my lab work- results are pending.

Wishing everyone a healthy new year

Each 💔 beat matters


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I agree about the responses..your updates are helpful to us to monitor your progress as well. I hope the rough times are in the rear view mirror. Keep your hibernation going..Spring is coming..❤❤


I'm so glad that you are continuing to post on your blog to let everyone know what is going on with you. It must be hard for you that very few people are responding like they used to but I want you to know we still care very much. Please keep the update and you will get through what you have to no matter what. I will always be here for you. Love, love, love you 😘😘😘. Mom


Hoping you feel better Kelly it’s a new year just take the good days with the bad days and it will get better You had one big operation and it takes time to get adjusted. You have to remember that.



Sorry you had such a lousy week! At least you didn’t get Covid … or my upper respiratory infection! That’s dodging two … pretty good! Hope you feel better soon Kelly💕

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