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Fish On

Oh my! Another busy week with ups and downs. Friday David and Josh went deep sea fishing and caught a ton of fish so Saturday afternoon we had a fish fry with friends and family. It was a great time!

Monday I had Cardiac Rehab. I still can't do the treadmill because of my feet and ankle pain. I wasn't feeling well but I did what I could.

Tuesday afternoon David and I headed to Boston (listening to a true crime podcast as always). We stayed the night for my 8am Cardiopulmonary stress test appointment on Wednesday. This test required me to wear a heart monitor and a face mask while riding a stationary bike. This diagnostic study is performed to measure my heart and lung function. I tried as best I could with this test but I started to feel exhausted, short of breath, lightheaded and nauseous. I felt like I was going to vomit in the face mask and my body started to shake. David was in the room and jumped up to hold me. I love you with my whole new heart! It was pretty scary for both of us. Needless to say I don't think I did very well. The report and results are still pending but I am definitely anxious about the outcome.

I'll be starting my new medication tomorrow. It's a long acting Tacrolimus called Envarsus. I really hope that it helps reduce my side effects and I will feel more like myself again. Fingers crossed for progress.

This week also brought a very emotional challenge for me. My long term disability insurance company informed me that at this time I am required to apply for Social Security Disability or my benefits will be discontinued. They have a company that will assist me with this process free of charge. Of course, I completed the paperwork that was required of me but honestly I'm a mess over it. I'm so discouraged and I worry that I'll never get back to who I was. I guess we'll see what happens. It seems like everyday there is something and it's really taking a toll on my mental health. I know that I'm a strong person and I won't stop fighting to improve both physically and mentally no matter how long it takes but some days are tougher than me. Everyday I reflect on all of the blessings that I have and it helps me push through the pain and anxiety. I am eternally grateful for the gift of life and all of the supportive people in my world. You are loved so much!

Each 💔 beat matters


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Boy do I miss those fish fry’s. Nothing like fresh fish(yummy). David is very good at catching fish. Even tho you had a tough week, you sound more upbeat and that is good. You will get there and we are praying for you🙏🙏💖


Beautifully written..better days are closer ahead on your journey to you again. You got this! No doubt. ❤ you lady 😘


That’s a lot of fish! I know this is hard on you, Kelly, but you are alive, and we are so grateful for each and every minute … each and every hour … and each and every day! You are as functional as you can be at this time. It’s only been 8 months, which in the scheme of things and that particular surgery is not a long time in my eyes, anyway! Just know you are allowed to be discouraged, as long as you pick yourself back up again. And you always do! As long as you’re around to fight another day! Love you Kelly-Ann

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