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Feeling Okay

This was a great weekend. I've been feeling okay. I still have my usual symptoms of fatigue, shakiness, tremors and nausea but they have been tolerable. I am also experiencing a new symptom of pins and needles sensation in my toes and fingers intermittently. I have an appointment in Boston with the heart transplant team on Wednesday at which time I will discuss this. I'm hoping it's not anything to be concerned about.

Saturday we closed down the camper. Well... David did all the heavy lifting but I helped where I could. It's always a bummer to end the season. We really enjoy spending time at our happy place. I am looking forward to an even better summer next year with the ability to do more!

Sunday we had a pizza party on our deck with our outdoor pizza oven. We took advantage of a beautiful fall day with family and friends. We watched football outside and everyone made their own pizzas. We haven't used our pizza oven yet this year, it was exciting and delicious !

Hopefully we will spend more time this fall on our gorgeous deck that David built !! I'm hoping for continued days of feeling well enough to participate in the fun of life!

Each 💔beat matters


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Oh that pizza looks so goooooood! So glad you had a good weekend. I hope all goes well on Wednesday ❤️


Kelly I’m so happy to here your feeling better. Time will you more & more every day.🙏🏻💚🙏🏻

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