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Bonus time…

Good morning. I went through a ton of testing last week. I have received some results and I'm nervously waiting on a few more. I have an appointment with my heart transplant team on May 1st at which time we will discuss the testing and results in depth.

I do know that my EMG ( that medieval torture test) was normal....Clinical correlation: This is a normal study. There is no electrical evidence to suggest the presence of a generalized, large-fiber polyneuropathy. Of note, this study does not entirely exclude the possibility of small fiber polyneuropathy. I'm not sure what to make of these results but at least my large nerves are normal. I will never participate in that test again. Ouch!

Another positive outcome is that my biopsy showed NO REJECTION! Woohoo!! The anti rejection medications are doing what they are supposed to. I couldn't be happier but I wish that they didn't come with such horrible side effects. I continue to struggle everyday but I remind myself that my new beautiful heart is a gift and because of this gift I am alive. I get more time to spend with my family and friends, talk with my children and cuddle with my husband ❤️ I do not take these moments for granted because I know this is bonus time. Live each day as if it's your last... I've heard or read that somewhere and it's so true.

Each 💔 Beat Matters


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I am so happy to hear this! Wonderful news! Love you both! ♥️🥰😘


Such great news! Every day is a bonus day … for you especially! So happy that your initial results are positive, KellyAnn … no rejection …


Very nice picture of you two❤️. So glad to hear you received a good report.


That’s wonderful news! On an unrelated note, You guys are a great looking couple!


I’m so happy for your Bonus days too😊

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