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Biopsy #5

Today we got up early and headed to Boston for my appointment and Biopsy procedure. I'm not feeling well again today. Poor David, I could barely stay awake on the ride. I have not been feeling well since Sunday. I'm very fatigued, shaky, some nausea, hot flashes and chills. I check my temperature every day and I do not have a fever. I have also had left sided rib pain that is new since Sunday. I am aware that I will have good days and bad days during my recovery but I don't want to ignore symptoms just in case.

I explained my concerns/symptoms to the heart transplant team and they reassured me that I am really early in my recovery and I am doing great despite not feeling well. My symptoms are most likely medication side effects but they ordered labs to make sure that I don't have any infections. They also ordered a chest X-ray to assess my rib pain. Although, they suspect that it is Costochondritis

(swelling of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the breastbone). This is due to the trauma to my chest from surgery. We also discussed starting Cardiac Rehab which I am looking forward to. I think it will provide a benefit for me. I really enjoyed it prior to surgery it helped me feel stronger. I really want to feel stronger.

The procedure went smoothly. Now we wait with fingers crossed for the results. I should receive a call from the team sometime tomorrow...

I went right to bed as soon as we got home this afternoon and honestly I feel like I should be in bed now but I'm trying to stay up a little longer so I sleep tonight.

Wishing everyone a good nights rest!

Each 💔 beat matters


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4 opmerkingen

And I love the picture❤️


Kelly I know how your feeling, chemo has a lot of the same effects but trust me you WILL get through this. Just stay calm and get plenty of rest. You have gone through the worse. We are all praying for you❤️


Better days are coming stay strong 💪 Love 💕 u lots


Elizabeth Curley
Elizabeth Curley
23 aug. 2023

I love you 💕 and I wish I could …..make you feel better 😘

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