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I haven't posted since last Friday frankly because I've had another crazy busy week. I had 2 appointments on Monday, 2 appointments on Tuesday, 1 appointment on Wednesday and 1 appointment on Friday. The upcoming week consists of Monday 2 appointments, Tuesday 1 appointment (in Boston), Wednesday 2 appointments and Thursday 1 appointment. It's insane! I continue to experience the same side effects and pain in my feet and ankles- really no change. I was supposed to switch my Tacrolimus to Envarsus last week but that did not happen until yesterday because the levels in my blood were too high. I'm hopeful that the next time I post I will report some positive effects from the new medication. I haven't received the results from my cardiopulmonary stress test. I have an appointment at the heart transplant clinic on Tuesday and I'm anxious to receive the outcome at that visit. Stay tuned...

I have been completely overwhelmed dealing with the Social Security Disability application. I was told that the company that works with Aflac would assist me with the process but all they did was submit the online form that I completed and now I am responsible for the rest which includes obtaining my medical records and wage history. Mass General hospital sent me my records via pdf and now I'm printing 1,260 pages. Give me strength! It is all too much I feel like I'm spinning in circles. Honestly, I can't even comprehend the idea that I am "disabled." What does that even mean? How long will this last? Will I get better or will I always be "disabled"? I'm crying just writing this. I understand that I'm unable to work at this time but I'm still recovering. Even if I were physically able how could I possibly work with all thes appointments. All too often, usually everyday, I get so anxious and caught up in my own head. I need to try to take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time. I need to be in the present and remind myself that I've been given the amazing gift of a new beautiful heart and I will do the best I can everyday. I've always known it wasn't going to be easy and I would need to fight through it... just keep fighting! I have so many blessings in my life.

Each 💔 beat matters


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Try not to beat yourself up. My god what you have to go through just daily would make any healthy person wipe out. Try to get someone to help you with the paperwork, that alone is mind boggling. Take Kevin advice and get a lawyer to fight for you.

You are a very strong person to be able to travel back and forth to Boston and to your other appointments. Just traveling can stress anyone out with all the idiots on the road. You have gone through a lot and the worse is over, you have a lot of family and friends who love you, so reach out if you need help. I wish I was closer I would…


Praying, grateful for you, our friendship, this life, love you.


Kelly, you had a major major operation it’s only been months it’s gonna take a little bit maybe a year maybe a year and a half but you’re gonna get better. It does get discouraging but considering what you had done you’re doing pretty good even though you have some bad days, but the thing is you get up every day so try not to get discouraged it will get better


You probably know this..but you might need a lawyer to fight the disability part of your struggles. We had an issue dealing with this a few years ago. We found a lawyer who helped resolve this problem. You can contact us for any information that we may be able to assist. How frustrating for you KellyAnn, but it is encouraging to hear your positive attitude despite your roadblocks. Keep it going..❤❤


If I can help with the paperwork I will , I’m sorry they TOTALLY mislead you in that regard ! I don’t think 🤔 anyone realizes how hard it is to get help when you need it (in the financial/insurance world )

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