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So my newest adventure began last Wednesday 3/27/24 in Boston. It started at 8am with 4 appointments in 4 different buildings on the Massachusetts General Hospital campus. It continued on March 31st, Easter Sunday evening, when we arrived at the hotel. Monday morning we woke at 5:30 for a 6:15am procedure- the Angiogram, right heart catheterization and cardiac biopsy. They had to access my jugular artery (neck)and my right femoral artery (groin). I don't remember much of it because they really juiced me up and I was out cold for most of it. Thank you!!! When the surgery was completed I had to lay flat for 4 hours while the nurse monitored the groin site for bleeding. When that was completed I was instructed to go back to the hotel room and lay semi flat for the rest of the day with only minimal walking and to watch crappy TV shows. This is to minimize the chance for the insertion site to bleed which would be very dangerous because it is an artery and I could bleed to death if it happened. That is a scary thought to lay with all night. The nurse also told David to treat me like a Queen which he did as always. He waited on me hand and foot. He went out to get us dinner and then again to get me dessert. He also watched crappy tv and played Farkle with me to pass the time.

Tuesday began with another 7am appointment. A cardiac MRI. I've had this study before and it's not fun but it's worse when you have anxiety. I'm not claustrophobic I was just extremely anxious. They have you lay on a table. The nurse puts a heart monitor on, inserts an IV, placed a pad on your chest that connects to said table and then they throw some headphones on you to decrease the loud noises made by the machine. Once they had me strapped in and ready for flight I asked if they would take my picture? Honestly, I thought it would be the funniest picture ever but they declined because you can't bring a camera into the MRI room. Silly me!! The banging and the knocking goes right through you. You are required to hold your breath multiple times so that they can take pictures. You can taste the contrast when they infuse it. I was genuinely happy when it was over but not as happy as when the next test was completed. The last test that of the day was a nerve conduction study. This was done to determine if Neuropathy is causing the pain in my feet and ankles. It measures how fast an electrical impulse moves through your nerve. This can identify nerve damage. During the test, your nerve is stimulated with electrode patches attached to your skin. Two electrodes are placed on the skin over your nerve. One electrode stimulates your nerve with an electrical impulse. The other electrode records it. The resulting electrical activity is recorded by another electrode. This is repeated for each nerve being tested. It is quite painful. I could feel the current traveling from on point to the other and my foot and leg would twitch. This went on for a while. I was actually crying at one point. David told me I handled it like a trooper. End of story it sucked!!

I should hear from the team in a few days with all the results encompassed in our adventure! Stay tuned!! Stay positive!!!

Each 💔Beat Matters


Before I realized how much pain I would endure...

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You are a warrior! I cannot fathom what you have been going through. I pray all the test are good.❤️


Thank you so much Ann! I appreciate all of your encouragement. I also want to thank you and Kelly for your donation to the golf tournament!!


It breaks 💔 my heart just to read this but I am so very proud of you 😎 as I have always been for your courage to face everything you continue to through thick and thin. Love 💕 as always Mom


Look 👀 at you smiling away through all that you had to endure ! That’s you Kellyann dealing with all life throws at you !! You are a warrior ❤️

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